MDPTA and National Dues is $4.25 per member

Your PTA unit is chartered under MD PTA and is a 501c3 organization
Donations to the PTA are tax deductible
All PTAs are incorporated
Treasurer and one other officer must attend financial training provided by Council or MDPTA by Oct 30.


Daily/Monthly Duties:
-Collect and count all monies received
-Pay all bills promptly
-Keep detailed written and/or electronic records
-Prepare and make bank deposits
-Balance Check Book, bank statement initialed by president and one
other non-signatory board member
-Mail membership dues monthly to Maryland PTA as collected

July – August

1. Attend MD PTA Financial Training at convention or training hosted
by MDPTA or council
2. Audit conducted during July/August
3. New bank signature cards – add new officers/remove past officers
(minutes from election may be needed for bank)
4. Quickbooks – Set up quickbooks, ledger for new year
5. Budget Committee– treasurer is the chair. Budget = PTA goals
6. New treasurers- Do not accept the books until the audit/financial
review is completed.
7. Meet with Membership Chair to prepare for membership drive


1. Audit report is presented to the board of directors.
(Financial Review/audits are required by MD PTA bylaws and your insurance coverage.)
Send a copy of audit report/end of year financial report to MD PTA. MD PTA address is at bottom of page)
2. At your first PTA general membership meeting:
a. Present the Financial Review/Audit
b. New Budget for approval

1. Due by Oct. 30 – A copy of the audit report must be sent to MD PTA no later than Oct. 30.
2.  Due by Oct. 31 – First payment of MD and National PTA dues ($4.25 per member)
Meet with membership chair and send first payment of dues collected by Oct. 31st.
Only pay for those memberships sold to date. And continue membership drive every month.
3. Due Nov. 1 – PTA Council dues invoice

And if so provided in budget donation to the PTACHC Scholarship Fund Donations are accepted throughout the year.
4. Begin to prepare the PTA’s 990N/990EZ or 990 (whichever one the PTA files)

1. Due Nov. 1 PTA Council dues of $170 invoice
2. Due no later than Nov. 15 – IRS Form 990EZ/990N EVERY PTA MUST FILE
Form is found at:
2. Send a copy of the 990N or the 990EZ to MD PTA (address below) and keep a copy for your records!
3. Remit MD/Nat’l PTA dues collected since Oct. 31


1. Annual Update of your PTAs Charitable Organization
2. Remit MD/Nat’l PTA dues collected since Nov. 30.

1. File IRS Form 1099-MISC by January 31st
ONLY IF the PTA paid to a non-incorporated business or person for services rendered or in payment for grant, award, or scholarship during the calendar year.
2. Remit MD/Nat’l PTA dues collected since December 31

1. IRS Form 1096 is due by February 28th (Annual Summary and Transmittal Form)
(Give this form only IF you gave someone a 1099 )
2. Remit MD/Nat’l PTA dues collected since January 31

1. Due – Remit MDPTA/National PTA Dues
2. Begin filling out the PTAs Personal Property Return which all PTAs must file.

1. Due April 15th – The PTA’s Personal Property Return is due to the Maryland State Department of Assessments All PTAs must file this return
The Form is found at:
2. Send of copy of the Personal Property Return to MD PTA and keep a copy for your records


1. Begin to select Audit committee/reviewer(s).
2. Remind chairman to turn in all reimbursement forms for approved expenses.


1. Pay PTA Insurance Premium
2. Pay all outstanding bills by June 30th
3. Close the books by June 30th
4. Turn over financial books to audit committee/reviewer
5. After the audit is completed, the new treasurer can accept the
financial books.

**REMEMBER –You MUST keep a copy for your PTA files (that may be silly to say but some treasurer’s forget) AND you must send a copy to MDPTA of your: review/audit
2.990EZ/990N whichever is filed
3. MD Charitable Registration update
4. Personal Property Return
to MDPTA no later than 30 days after it was due***************

MD PTA, 5 Central Ave., Glen Burnie, MD  21061
Phone:  410-760-6221 Fax: 410-760-6344
IRS website: – for the 990N or 990EZ forms
Charitable Organization
Personal Property Return