Disaster Assistance

At times, PTAs become involved in disaster assistance, providing aid to victims of such disasters as hurricanes and tornadoes.

PTAs must be careful about how they handle goods and money in these situations.

If a PTA is collecting funds, it is best to ask the donor to make the check payable to the agency receiving the funds. The PTA can collect the checks and forward them to the agency. It is better if the PTA does not deposit the money into its regular bank account.

If the PTA does deposit checks into its regular bank account, it will have to declare these funds as income. The PTA should keep accurate records of the deposit and disbursement of those funds.

A PTA can vote, per its bylaws, to donate its own funds to a relief agency, provided that that agency is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Any substantial contribution from PTA funds should be to an agency that focuses on a school- or student-related relief effort.

PTAs involved in disaster assistance must also consider how they will keep information about the beneficiaries confidential. A PTA may wish to partner with the school district or another community agency to guard the privacy of the displaced citizens and to ensure that donations get where they are most needed.

Reference from National PTAs Finance Quick Reference Guide