Scholarship Committee

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If you have any questions, send email to or call the office administrator, Sarah, at 410-740-5153.

The scholarships offered are:

Academic Scholarship ($1000). For performance in high school and to encourage the continued excellence at university level.

Teacher Education Scholarship ($1000). For performance in high school and the entry into a four year teacher education program.

Dr. Charles Ecker Scholarship for Community Service ($500). For performance in high school and outstanding contributions to the community while in high school.

M. Thomas Goedeke Scholarship for Trade, Technical Education, or Community college ($500). For performance in high school and the entry into advanced education in a trade/technical field or a 2 year community college program.

Applicants must:
1. Be a senior graduating from a Howard County high school.
2. Show good scholarship and participation in extracurricular activities.
3. Include the financial assistance-related information for all but the Ecker Scholarship.
4. Complete the application form.
5. Make sure application is signed by you, your parent/s, and school Principal or Counselor.
6. Secure the two Scholarship Recommendation Forms.

You may apply for more than one scholarship using a single application. Be sure to include ALL the information needed for each scholarship. If your overall score qualifies you for more than 1 scholarship, you will receive the higher award amount.
The scholarship check will be made payable jointly to the recipient (you) and the college. The check will be mailed to the scholarship winner upon receipt of a copy of the acceptance letter from the school.

A checklist is included in the application to help ensure the packet is complete.