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Delegates are…..

Delegates are the most important communication link between your local PTA and PTACHC. The local PTA’s bylaws determine how their delegates are selected. The monthly General Meetings provide an opportunity for delegates to present ideas, debate issues, become better informed, make personal contacts with other PTA leaders, and vote on PTACHC business. Please forward your delegates contact information to the council office after their election.

The Council PTA Delegate (each PTA has 2 delegates + the PTA president) has an essential and very important role in PTA.
Each Delegate has the following responsibility:


• Attend all Council PTA regular meetings or see that an alternate attends instead.
• Represent the Local PTA as a voting member of the Council PTA body.
• Participate in all Council PTA discussions and deliberations. Each delegate (or alternate, if the delegate is not in attendance) is entitled to make motions, debate and vote at each Council PTA meeting.
• Take careful notes of announcements and the program at the Council PTA meeting.
• As a delegate you are expected to vote as directed by your local PTA unless authorized by the local PTA to use your own judgment. It is preferable for delegates to ascertain local opinion prior to voting. However, when time does not permit or consultation, a delegate must vote their conscience utilizing their own experience and good judgment.
Each delegate has one vote, even though they may be representing more than one PTA unit.
• The privileges of introducing motions, debating and voting are limited to the voting body, which consists of the president of each local PTA or their alternate, two delegates or their alternates from each local PTA, and the members of the PTACHC Board of Directors (the officers and standing committee chairs)

Local Unit:

• Attend all meetings of the Local PTA.
• Maintain a procedure book.
• Using a Council PTA Delegate Report Form, report on the Council PTA meeting to your Local PTA members and/or its board of directors.
• A copy of this form should be filed with your PTA Secretary.
• Post announcements of Council PTA activities in the Local PTA’s bulletin or newsletter.

Thank you to all who advocate on behalf of all children with one voice.