What is Reflections?
It is Nationwide PTA program that is a creative and fun way for all students to engage in the arts. There are 6 categories: film, dance, musical composition, photography, visual arts and literature; with 4 age groups for each category: K-2(Primary), 3-5(Intermediate), 6-8 (Middle) and 9-12 (Senior).
The Reflections Chairperson finds the judges in the community and gets the kids excited through by talking to the teachers about integrating it into their school’s curriculum. Then you watch/listen in amazement as these talented youth bring you wonderful works of art!

Students submit artwork to their local PTA. Works are judged at the local PTA level and the top three winning entries in each category and age group advance to the Council level.  Students must adhere to participation rules as well as rules for their specific arts area.

From the Council level, the top three winners proceed to the state level.  The top winners at the state level in each category and age group proceed to the National PTA.

Each level of Reflections Program judging follows a set of projects that include:

  • Send your PTA Reflections Chair’s contact information to PTA Council via email ( ASAP
  • Establishing a timeline for your PTA’s Reflection Program (anytime between Sept. and Dec.)
  • Promoting the program to your community
  • Distributing the rules, deadlines, and entry forms to participants
  • Collecting the student’s entries for judging
  • Organizing and hosting the judging
  • Celebrating the winners
  • Submitting winning artwork entries and required forms to the Council level (due by TBD)
  • In March/April, picking up the student’s visual art/photography
    artwork from Council and returning to students
  • Please note: Only PTA’s in good standing may host the Reflection Program (if you have any questions regarding your PTA’s good standing status, please contact MD PTA)

For more information about the PTA Council of Howard County program please contact the Reflections Chair at:

Maryland PTA Howard County Winners 2018

PTACHC Winners for 2017-18

1st           Waverly Elementary School – Avery Cohen
2nd         Waverly Elementary School – Daphne Packer
3rd          Ducketts Lane Elementary school – Kayla Tendoh

1st              Lisbon Elementary School – Rehgan Fleisher
2nd          Bushy Park Elementary School – Kennedy Richman
3rd          Waverly Elementary School – MacKenzie Wilhelm

1st           Clarksville Middle School – Jason Shuman
2nd         Glenwood Middle School – MacKenzie Carter
3rd          Glenwood Middle School – Jackie Habeeb

1st           Long Reach High School – Kelsey Gilbert
2nd         River Hill High School – Isabelle Zhan
3rd          Glenelg High School – Madelinn Small

No entries

1st           Clarksville Elementary School – Andy Xiong
2nd         Centennial Lane Elementary School – Aldo Shabanaj
3rd            Centennial elementary School – Martin Meister

1st           Dunloggin Middle School – Kasturi Vedantham
2nd            Glenwood Middle School – Madilyn Hahn
3rd          Clarksville Middle School – Suvrath Chivukula

1st           River Hill High School – Amogh Thakker

1st           Centennial Lane Elementary School – Sahil Prasad
2nd         Clemens Crossing Elementary School – Dominic Vega
3rd          Waverly Elementary School – Nethra Arumugam

1st           Bushy Park Elementary School – Aauyah Mohsini
2nd         Centennial Lane Elementary School – Melanie Ritter
3rd          Clarksville Elementary School – Alexandra Ni

1st           Clarksville Middle School – Dhriti Vadlakonda
2nd         Bonnie Branch Middle SchoolYildiz Malik
3rd         Dunloggin Middle School – Diana Omar

1st           Howard High School – Keya Barot
2nd         Marriotts Ridge High School – Kealy Faughan
3rd          Glenelg High School – Jenna Shaughness

1st           Centennial Elementary School – Adele Seybold
2nd         Clemens Crossing Elementary School – Beah Magdoff

1st           Forest Ridge Elementary School – Ajay Vallurupalli
2nd         Centennial Lane Elementary School – Max Swann
3rd          Centennial Lane Elementary School – Cindy Zhan

1st           Folly Quarter Middle School – Ethan Sexton
2nd         Dunloggin Middle School – Nivedha Srinivas
3rd          Mt. Heron Middle School – Sarah Hong

1st           Long Reach High School – Lance Milsted
2nd         Marriotts Ridge High School – Emily Taylor
3rd          River Hill High School – Naomi Farkas

1st           Centennial Lane Elementary School – Greyson Kucler
2nd         Lisbon Elementary School – Aaron Shirokobrod
3rd          Waverly Elementary School – Nikita Harmen

1st           Hammond Elementary School – Masoor Haq
2nd         Stevens Forest Elementary School – Malia Edelson
3rd          Centennial Lane Elementary School – Violet Kucler

1st           Hammond Middle School – Aymen Haq
2nd         Clarksville Middle School – Arthur Wang
3rd          Glenwood Middle School – Piper Stimler

1st           Marriotts Ridge High School – Srishi Kalepu
2nd         Glenelg High School – Rachel Ball
3rd          Glenelg High School – Jillian Hinkle

Visual Art
1st           Clemens Crossing Elementary School – Marco Platino
2nd         Ducketts Lane Elementary School – Finley Hinman
3rd          Waverly Elementary School – Angelina Challita

1st           Hammond Elementary School – Agnes Liu
2nd         Clarksville Elementary School – Estelle Chen
3rd          Ducketts Lane elementary School – Isaiah Sinkler

1st           Mt. View Middle School – Adrianna Hwang
2nd         Folly Quarter Middle School – Kaliee Suess
3rd          Glenwood Middle School – Lian Goodman

1st           Marriotts Ridge High School – Zhuoyuan Li (Peter)
2nd         Marriotts Ridge High School – Juliana Yu
3rd          Long Reach High School – Aren Jayachandran


MDPTA Winners
Outstanding Interpretation of Theme
(1st place and will continue to national level)

Visual Arts

Theme for 2017-18:  “Within Reach”.

For all of the following, go to this link CLICK HERE (you must use Internet Explorer or Edge to go to the National PTA website. Chrome does not work)

General Participation Rules
Special Artist Division
Visual Arts

Art Grants
Howard County Arts Grant – available after Jan. 15
National PTA Mary Lou Anderson Art Grant-Apply in January