Printable Supplemental Treasurer’s Guide click here
MDPTA Cash Encounters Guide/Forms and Instructions Guide / Sample Reports — Click Here for direct link
PTA Council of Howard County has prepared this handbook as a supplement to the information found in Cash Encounters from Maryland PTA and PTA Finance Quick-Reference Guide from National PTA. Those guide’s are online at and respectively.

The information presented on our guide is more local in nature or frequently asked information:
1. Structure of PTA
2. Insurance and Incorporation
3. Fundraising
4. Proper Use of PTA Funds
5. Financial Review/Audit
6. Is My PTA Unit in Good Standing

All PTA unit officers should be familiar with:
 HCPSS Fundraising policy 4020 and Donations policy 4010.
 They are found on the website.
 PTAs are asked to complete section A of the FIN 220 form when scheduling a fundraising activity. PTAs do not complete the summary section. This form is found in the Fundraising policy 4020.

All PTAs are under the MD PTA 501c3 status

Questions – contact the PTACHC Treasurer at
or call the Council office at 410.740.5153. We are here to be your resource in any questions you have.