KNOW YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE 1-800-733-3036 – Jennifer or Manuel are there to answer all your questions on coverage.

Knight Insurance Agency insures all PTAs in Maryland. The policy is designed to cover allowable PTA events. It is critical that before planning any PTA activities the RED, YELLOW and GREEN pages be reviewed. Certain activities and events are prohibited because they are excluded by the insurance policy or because they are dangerous or jeopardize the safety of our children and youth.

If the PTA sponsors a RED page event and someone is injured because of PTA negligence, the individual PTA officers could be held personally liable.  —— CALL the insurance company if considering a yellow or red light activity.

This policy is only to cover members of PTA while doing activities for the PTA. It is critical that outside vendors/concessionaires/service providers have their own insurance to reduce the possibility the PTA unit will be held liable for the activity. PTAs are required to obtain a Hold Harmless Agreement and Evidence of Insurance from each vendor/concessionaire/service provider that is used.

READ AND KNOW – The Insurance Guide is found on the MDPTA website at: READ it before planning any PTA event

If you have any questions whether your event will be covered call them at 1-800-733-3036 and ask Jennifer Burgh or Manuel Hamme.

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