Donations or contributions of materials and/or equipment to HCPSS becomes the property of the school district and the district is free to use the equipment in any manner it deems appropriate.

GRANT PROCESS – this form can be adapted to your PTA’s need to donate to the school with either a monetary grant for a program or for an actual equipment.

First and foremost, talk to the principal and make sure there is a need and want for such a grant/donation.

Following HCPSS Policy 4010, complete their form as well as the PTA form.
The agreement should specify:
1. The amount of the grant
2. The “sole and express” purpose of the grant
3. A date by which the school must spend the grant funds
4. Unused grant funds must be returned to the PTA.

If a PTA does purchase material or equipment for the school, a “Hold Harmless Agreement” should be initiated to transfer ownership to the school and to provide that the school will assume the responsibility of ownership.
1. Accept ownership of the described equipment
2. Accept responsibility for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the described equipment.
3. Hold the PTA harmless from any claim or lawsuit arising from damages caused by or from the use of the equipment.

It is recommended that the PTA does not purchase play ground equipment due to the long term liability on the PTA at the time of the purchase and for future board of directors.