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Welcome to the PTA Council of Howard County website

PTA Council of Howard County, MD (PTACHC) serves the 74 PTAs and its 26,000+ members in Howard County, MD who through advocacy support the mission of PTA
Financial Workshops: The treasurer and one other officers should be trained. Even if you took the online MDPTA training, this is an opportunity to ask questions in person.
Sunday, August 9 from 2 pm – 4 pm SIGN UP Location-Central Library
Monday, August 31 from 7pm – 9 pm SIGN UP Location-Old Cedar Bldg, 5451 Beaverkill Rd
Saturday, Sept. 12 from 1 pm – 3 pm SIGN UP Location- Savage Library
President’s Workshop – Aug. 31 at 7 pm at Old Cedar Bldg, 5451 Beaverkill Rd. SIGN UP

Build your Membership Workshop – aug. 31 at 7 pm at Old Cedar Bldg, 5451 Beaverkill Rd. SIGN UP

Over the Summer To Do:
1. Pay PTA insurance Premium Insurance Loss and Prevention Guide and the form is on the last page of this booklet.

2. AUDIT – Find 3 PTA members who were not signatories on the accounts or 1 person (who must be an accountant/bookkeeper/financial person and sign with their title/job) who can complete the audit/financial review over the summer. Click here for the Audit Form

3. Set a date to meet with the principal over the summer to discuss common goals and plans for the school year.
Read the Principal and PTA guide

4. Set a board of directors meeting date to begin planning for the school year.
a. School starts early this year – August 24. Plan your membership drive by having a PTA table at every school event.
b. Budget- plan your budget over the summer. Remember the 3 – 1 rule – for every one fundraiser you must have 3 non-fundraising events.
c. Plan PTA goals – what does the PTA want to accomplish this year.

5. The president and vp should work together as a team and share the work. There are no “co” presidents in PTAland but that is no reason the president and vp’s cannot work as a team.

6. Read the GUIDES that we have on our website for each officer
Financial information too

Any questions, we are here for you. Contact the PTACHC office at 410-740-5153 or email at

Two ways a PTA can help our Howard County students who need of school supplies
1. Donate directly to Prepare for Success (a 501c3 org)
By mail: Send check payable to “Community Action Council/PFS” at:
Community Action Council / PFS
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, Maryland 21046
or through PayPal (click here for direct link )
2. Collect school supplies and drop off at the council office.


PTA Officers - join the discussion at the closed Facebook page for local PTA officers only.

List of approved snacks during the school day

MISSION OF THE PTA · A powerful voice for all children, · A relevant resource for families and communities, and · A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.